Corp. VAM is a company that develops speech-language treatment content for therapists, parents, and children based on our accumulated knowledge and know-how. We have developed smart cards ("Orat AR App Card"), and we are developing treatment solutions for use in a clinic setting.


Language treatment solution that an AR

The system comes with high-quality cards and 3D animations! 300 vocabulary words representing motions, conditions and objects are divided into 6 categories and then illustrated and animated in ways that will capture the attention of 3 year old children. This is a paradigm shift in language treatment!

Improving your children’s creativity

your card with the App, cool 3D pictures appear in front of you! You can learn by yourself and review at home while having fun. The pictures are linked with the vocabulary words, so you can learn new things independantly.

Diverse and interesting functions

Rotate and expand, until you find an animal that you want to take a selfie with! What is this called? If you are curious, you will hear the answer along with sound!

Children learn language by stimulating

3D animations are shown through recognizing the letters of the vocabulary words to induce the interest of your children. Children can show interest in the letters and learn by themselves.



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